15+ Best Places to Visit in Darjeeling (2023)

Places to Visit in Darjeeling

Darjeeling is a small town in Bengal State, India. It’s a beautiful resort in West India and home to a stunning landscape. One unique thing about this town is the Himalayan railway, whose station ends here. The scenery is picturesque, with tea plantations surrounding the slopes. There is a lot to do in this small town, and our discussion here has everything you need to know and some of the best places to visit in Darjeeling. Keep reading.

This district is near Kanchenjunga Mountain, the third-highest peak in the world. The town dated back to British colonial rule and was once a military barracks. The tea grown in it is consumed locally and internationally and is of superior quality.

The climate is temperate, whereas summer is wet because of monsoon rains. There is a lot of vegetation, such as evergreen forests, which feature exotic trees. Several plants and animal species make it a favorite tourist destination. The beauty of this place and the local cuisine attracts visitors.

15+ Best Places to Visit in Darjeeling

Here are the 11 best places to visit in Darjeeling includes:

1. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway (DHR)

The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is a famous place to visit in Darjeeling. This monumental attraction features a narrow railway track from Darjeeling to New Jalpaiguri. It’s an 88 kilometers track that’s famous for the toy train. This legendary train transverses the hill and descends the valley for a spectacular view.

The British built this railway at the turn of the 19th Century, and it is a favorite tourist attraction. UNESCO declared the railway a world heritage, and visitors worldwide ride the train for a lifetime adventure. It is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling.

The ticket booking system is computerized, enabling visitors to reserve their space online anywhere. For a visitor in Darjeeling, a week-long trip is sufficient to tour everywhere. 

Even though it’s an old railway line, there have been some renovations and simple repair works in the past. This locomotive is ideal for families seeking to explore India’s natural hills.

2. Tiger Hill

Tiger Hill is a popular mountain peak for trekking and escapades. Here you can have a spectacular view of Kanchenzonga and Mt. Everest mountains. For the best adventure, you can drive through the tea plantations and witness the locals picking green tea.

Visitors also walk through the terrain to access Tiger Hill. Here the pathways meander through the tea plantations and drop away downhill. However, it can be slippery during the rainy season, and wearing high-traction boots is important. It is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling.

You’ll find the Summit of Ghoom on a UNESCO World Heritage site. The favorable months to visit this hill is October, December, February, and April.

3. Sandakphu Trek

Sandakphu offers the best place to walk around for a picturesque landscape view. It’s a favorite spot and one of the most beautiful places in Darjeeling. This natural spectacle is historic, and it’s possible to discover stunning views of the valley by trekking, hiking, or road. It is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling.

This place is located at the mountain peak and is approximately 11,929 ft. It’s a high point that offers a stunning view of the Himalayan.

Sandakphu is a famous destination for tourists and is particularly the best place to visit if you’re looking for adventure. The natural site attracts many visitors all year round and offers a panorama landscape view.

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4. Darjeeling Rangit Valley Ropeway

If you’d like to view the Darjeeling railway station, you can do so at the ropeway. This remarkable ropeway has been here since 1968 and is a famous tourist attraction, and it hangs above the hills, tea bushes, and stunning forest and green plants.

Here you can have the best view of Darjeeling and immerse in the beauty. It comprises sixteen cables with a passenger capacity of six people. After that, it elevates to 7000 feet above sea level. It is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling.

The journey starts at North Point and ends at Singla Bazaar. Therefore, you have time to take beautiful photos of this charming town.

5. Rimbik

Rimbik is a tiny town in Singalia National park. It’s one of the best places to tour, and every year visitors come here to discover the magical experience. It’s a serene area where you can trek through the valley and soak in a real adventure. It is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling.

The National Park is world-famous, and here you’ll find the rare red panda. You can view the Kanchenjunga hills from this area and the beautiful landscape underneath. This place rocks with pure serenity, and visitors flock between March and November.

The amount of opportunities this place offers for relaxation makes it an exceptional place to visit in Darjeeling.

6. Batasia Loop

The Batasia loop is an incredible sight where the toy train passes and roars downhill. It is undoubtedly one of the most amazing places in Darjeeling, but above all, the most breathtaking! It is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling.

One unique thing about Batasia is that it was a high point that paved the way for the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway. Secondly, it’s right in the middle of the dense forest and evergreen vegetation. You can view the valley from this point, including Mt. Kanchendzonga.

Visitors get mesmerized as the toy train moves downhill and passes through the green vegetation. The best time to visit the Loop is after the sun rises in Tiger Hill. The site is magnificent, and the view is dreamy. You’ll love the scenery and take photos for a long-lasting memory.

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7. Rock Garden

The Rock Garden is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling. The hills, valleys, and vegetation create a special atmosphere that will charm you.

The area dominates the landscape and is an important historical site. You will view the wild nature from the hill that rises many meters above sea level. The landscape offers a stunning natural setting and is a must-see site in Darjeeling.

Rock Garden is ideal for picnics and has an artificial garden with breathtaking waterfalls that plunge from the streams to the rocks underneath. The hillside is evergreen, and there’s a lot you can do here. Whether you’re a solo traveler or with family or friends, it’s a perfect getaway from city life.

The Chunar Waterfall in Darjeeling is a famous landmark in Rock Garden. Here, the water flows through the hills and rambles downstream. Summer is the perfect time to explore this garden when the flowers are blossoming, and the trees are green.

8. Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

The Himalayan Institute has been around since 1954 and is a sporting school for local people. Here students gain skills necessary for mountaineering work. Over 50000 students have graduated from this institute. Another unique thing about the school is that it trains international students from many countries worldwide. It is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling.

It’s very popular, and tourists visit this site every year to catch a glimpse and take pictures. The school is serene, and the gardens offer the best place to relax after a day of trekking.

You won’t believe this place in Darjeeling exists until you visit it. You can have a splendid view of the Kanchenjunga peak from this spot. It’s an impressive site for pictures and enjoys a picnic with your family.

9. Nightingale Park

Nightingale is a public Park favorite with visitors and nature lovers all year round. The area appeals to many people due to its favorable climate and evergreen vegetation.

Everything here is magical, and the yards are well-maintained. As a perfect idea for a visit, it offers the best opportunity to discover what nature provides. This fascinating heritage is imposing, with heavenly grass and an exceptional view. It is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling.

At this Park, you can have a magnificent view of the Kanchenjunga mountain. The serene environment offers a pleasant spot to be alone and meditate. In the olden days, Nightingale Park was a private residence of Sir Thomas Tartan. A major aspect of this Park is the Lord Shiva statute and a musical fountain.

10. Alstroemeria Homestay

The Alstroemeria Homestay is one of its kind, being an excellent place to visit in Darjeeling. It’s located just 300 meters from the Japanese Peace Pagoda. This classic hotel is also near the zoological Park and Himalayan Institute. The rooms have a balcony offering a spectacular Himalayan mountain view. It is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling.

Despite the mountain’s cold air, this hotel has warm and inviting rooms for a perfect stay. The dish is authentic, with a blend of Indian and foreign cuisines. You can book hotels online to this place from anywhere with a stable internet connection.

11. Japanese Peace Pagoda

Peace Pagoda is an architectural wonder located in the town of Darjeeling. This Buddha shrine is like the other thirty structures in the world and features a stunning white color. It has gold inscriptions and is a major tourist attraction. Monk Fuji from Japan built this building, which took thirty-six months to complete. It is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling.

It was built as a center for peace and unity. It’s a unifying factor where people of different backgrounds, races, religions, and tribes meet. The surrounding area features lush green vegetation where you can relax. The atmosphere is calming, and the mountain has a beautiful view.

Guests visiting this area can book their accommodation at the Summit Swiss hotel. This modern beauty has warm rooms, free parking, and a relaxing garden. You can stay with your family and enjoy a cool atmosphere in the middle of the hill. This hotel is near the Himalaya Institute and Pagoda. To visit this hotel, you can book a flight ticket to Bagdogra Airport, which is 40 kilometers away. Visitors arrive here via private taxis.

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12. Ghum Monastery

The Ghum Monastery stands tall at 8000 feet above sea level. It’s an antique building in Darjeeling and one of the best places to tour. Another name for this classic site is Yiga Choeling, built by Lama Gyatso. The best part is the tall structure and the pavilion, accentuating the building’s appearance. It is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling.

This iconic structure is a famous tourist attraction and hosts many Buddhist readings and books.

The paintings are classic and feature a collection of Art and History. Since it’s located at the top mountain, visitors have time to view the landscape below. You can take pictures and record memorable videos.

13. Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park

Deciding on the most beautiful place to visit can be challenging, especially in a foreign country. In Darjeeling, the Naidu Zoological Park is one place you don’t want to miss. This Park is famous for its shelter for the snow leopard, salamanders, and red panda, and it is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling.

This Park covers nearly 70 acres of land and is a national program. Notably, these animals are endangered, and the Park supports their survival. Locals refer to this Park as the Darjeeling Zoo in honor of Mr.Padmaja Naidu, a former Governor of Bengal.

14. Singalila National Park

Singalila National Park is atop a hill 7000 feet above sea level, and it’s the highest point with a spectacular view of the land beneath. It’s a picturesque place in Darjeeling popular with visitors from different countries. The Park is in a dense forest where you can view wild plants in their natural habitat. It is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling.

Trekking is a good way to watch the valleys and stunning landscapes. Additionally, tourists can witness the Himalayas in all their glory on a cloudless day. The weather is misty but also cool all year round. If you’re lucky, the Singalila is also a good place to spot the red panda and black bear. If you’re a nature lover, you’ll be glad to note that hunting animals and poaching are prohibited.

The view of the Himalayas alone makes this Park a great place to visit in Darjeeling.

15. St. Andrew’s Church

St. Andrew’s Church is where believers meet to worship every Sunday. However, for visitors, it’s an architectural wonder that has existed for many years.

The building contains rooms and shrines, and visitors have a lasting impression of the site. Arriving in the morning is a good experience; you’ll get the energy and inspiration to face the day. It is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling.

Colonialists built this ancient structure, a branch of Scotland’s church, in the 19th Century. There was a renovation in 1873 after an earthquake ruined it. Ever since then, people worldwide have visited the moment for spiritual nourishment.

16. Happy Valley Tea Estates

Happy Valley Tea Estate is a plush area in Darjeeling with tea bushes spread all over the landscape. The tea plantation spreads across 437 acres of land, and tea factories are built there. It is one of the best places to visit in Darjeeling.

The British built the first tea factory in 1854, which still exists today. The air is cool, and you’ll enjoy viewing the well-maintained tea bushes. Also, you can get a splendid view of the Kanchenjunga peak.

After a long day of trekking, you can book a hotel room at the Ramada Hotel, one of the best places to stay while on a tour of this region. This hotel has deluxe rooms, and the prices are affordable.

It’s situated approximately eleven kilometers from Tiger Hill. Here, you’ll have the best view of the mountain and the Happy Valley tea plantations. The rooms have Wi-Fi, and you can enjoy local and international cuisine.


Darjeeling is a cool place to visit and enjoy the countryside experience. Tourists flock here every year to witness the picturesque landscape. The tea plantations, vegetation, and dense forest are major tourist attractions and the best places in Darjeeling. However, the Himalayas are a must-see, especially the self-imposing Kanchenjunga peak.

Devotees visit many Buddhist temples every year for worship and spiritual nourishment. Consider Darjeeling as your next holiday destination; luckily, hotel booking is easy since you only need a reliable connection. Finally, book cheap flights to Bagdogra airport and enjoy your stay in India’s best tourist destination.

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